Hospital Bed & Wheelchair Services for Institutions

Hospital Bed & Wheelchair Services for Institutions

Our engagements with institutions like hospitals, retirement communities, assisted living, skilled nursing, memory care, rehabilitation and other facilities are designed to support and enhance the facilities' efforts in fall prevention, skin integrity and infection control. Steel Town Mobility will prepare the nursing home wheelchair and hospital bed fleets for state inspection, or the big box retailer mobility scooter fleet for corporate inspection. At the conclusion of each visit, our technician would provide documentation of all repairs performed, parts replaced, and the condition of all equipment they have looked at during the visit. This would be placed in a binder stored on the facility premises. We are willing to work after hours (i.e., after the memory care wing has gone to bed, or the store customers have gone home, etc.). Steel Town Mobility would also act as a part supplier for the facility.

Steel Town Mobility has two popular Wheelchair Maintenance Program options:

1. Standard Service with Sanitization: $15.00 / Wheelchair

  • Disinfectant products or power washing doesn’t do it. Steel Town Mobility steam cleans at 212°F, which kills 99.9% of pathogens such as Staph, E. coli, Salmonella, mold and germs. This eliminates health hazard ramifications from cleaning with chemicals.
  • tightening of both brakes
  • add/tighten screws on seat and back upholstery
  • replace all missing rubber/plastic parts, safety caps, and handle grips

2. Full Service with Sanitization: $35.00 / Wheelchair

  • includes the Standard Service with Sanitization
  • replace missing, worn or broken parts
  • repair or replace both brakes
  • repair or replace arm pads and calf pads
  • replace torn seat and back upholstery (additional discounted charge: $22)
  • replace broken wheel bearings (additional discounted charge: $10)
  • replace worn tires (additional discounted charge: $25)

Scooter Maintenance Program options also available!
For more information, please call Steel Town Mobility 412-375-7641